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Werner Electric Supply

When was your business established?

September 13, 1948

How did your business get started?

Werner Electric Supply began as a Neenah-based appliance store and electrical contractor shop, established by Walter Werner. In 1948, inspired by a need to offer improved pricing and product accessibility to his electrical contractors, he founded Werner Electric Supply. This venture eventually blossomed into a highly successful, multimillion-dollar distribution operation.

What is your organization's mission statement? And in what ways do you fulfill your mission?

Our mission statement is “Unwavering commitment to customers, families and communities and each other.” The company fosters innovation, problem-solving and collaboration among employees, customers and partners. Embracing forward-looking solutions leads to positive outcomes for all stakeholders, aligning with our mission.

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Werner Electric Supply Headquarters

What specific need does your business fill?

Werner Electric offers a comprehensive range of services, including automation and software control products, construction electrical supplies and various industrial, commercial and construction support services to our valued customers. We are renowned as a regional expert in applying information-driven solutions, transforming data into actionable insights for enhanced business performance.

Who are your target customers/clients?

Our customers include industrial, commercial and construction companies across a wide range of markets. Our product and service offerings allow for collaboration with operations ranging from multi-family housing construction to food and beverage manufacturing plants, and we work diligently to meet all our customers’ evolving needs.

In what unique ways is your organization involved in the Fox Cities community?

Werner Electric has been headquartered in the Fox Cities since its inception. Having operated from Neenah for many years, the company later constructed a cutting-edge, 200,00-sq-ft regional distribution center in Appleton. This facility has enabled our ongoing support for local organizations through volunteer initiatives, donation campaigns and meeting space offerings.

What is the best part of doing business in the Fox Cities?

The quality of the people in the Fox Cities region is top notch. Strong values, hard work and high integrity define the people in our communities, and this allows us to better serve our customers. They are what differentiate us in our markets.

What news or future plans would you like our readers to know about?

Werner Electric recently unveiled its new Innovation Center, which displays current and future manufacturing technology trends. This industry-changing center is a complete representation of a theoretical manufacturing process unlike anything else in Wisconsin, offering guided tours and business solutions for improved outcomes.

Anything else to add?

Werner Electric Supply is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year thanks to a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, which allows us to provide cutting-edge solutions and deliver exceptional business outcomes for our customers. Our adaptability to ever-changing market conditions positions us well for sustained growth in the years to come.