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As a value to Chamber members, we can issue a certificate of origin which verifies the origins of overseas exports. Members are encouraged to bring in their certificate for verification and stamp. There is no charge to Fox Cities Chamber members. Please contact our reception desk for more information at 920-734-7101. 



The Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce can also provide notary services. Please contact our reception desk for more information at 920-734-7101.



Effective 4/21/23, the Fox Cities Chamber will no longer issue work permits.

Work permits can be obtained at the following locations:

The Department of Workforce Development’s Equal Rights Division has developed a new online work permit application tool. Pandemic restrictions made it nearly impossible for some minors to obtain work permits; the department has created an online application that is available to the parents of minors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer, tablet, smartphone, or similar device. The application improves accessibility for minors who live in rural or underserved areas and eliminates the difficult logistics involved in working parents having to take off work to make a trip to a work permit office.