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Connect Free Membership

You work hard to run your small business.

We work hard to help.

That’s why we created a free membership level for small businesses who qualify. Called Connect Free, it provides access to the resources, tools, and support of the Chamber at no cost, to help small businesses succeed.

Connect Free membership reaffirms our commitment to small businesses in an unprecedented way. We have been part of the community since 1874 and focused on serving the needs of ALL businesses in the Fox Cities. We understand the unique challenges that small businesses face and want to help you thrive, to promote a strong environment where talent wants to live, work and play.

Connect Free members experience many benefits, including opportunities to connect with other businesses in the Fox Cities, educational programs targeted to small business, a listing in our online directory, benefits from the US Chamber such as discounted services, opportunities to promote your business, a complimentary subscription to The Business News, and more… all for FREE! Click here to learn more or here to view our Fox Cities Chamber Small Business Success Kit


Small businesses who qualify are those with five or fewer full-time employees (or equivalent), nonprofits with 10 or fewer employees, and freestanding restaurants in the Fox Cities  They must be located in Outagamie, Calumet or the northern part of Winnebago County.


If you qualify, simply complete this form to become a member!  If you don’t meet the eligibility requirements, we have other low cost membership levels that are budget friendly for small businesses, starting at just $445/year, that give you access to all the Connect Free perks and more. Visit our membership page for full details.

ymca of the fox cities
When you sign up as a Connect Free member, you are eligiblefor a special offer to receive corporate discounts at the YMCA of the Fox Cities 
The YMCA of the Fox Cities has partnered with the Fox Cities Chamber to offer membership benefits to employees of small businesses at the Connect Free level. This special corporate membership allows your employees to receive a discount when joining the YMCA of the Fox Cities. Additionally, the usual joiner fee for new YMCA memberships will be waived. Your employees will have access to six YMCA locations and three 24/7 locations in the Fox Cities and nationwide membership accommodating various schedules and lifestyles.
To enroll please contact the Fox Cities Chamber: [email protected] or (920) 734-7101. Small businesses who qualify and currently are not a Fox Cities Chamber Connect Free member can sign up online.

I appreciate that the Fox Cities Chamber provides a free membership opportunity for what I call "Mini-Micro Businesses" with only 1-3 people, like our business Artistic Event Rentals, LLC. This is especially beneficial when you are a new business just starting out. The time, effort, and money invested in the months prior to your initial launch can be overwhelming so having a resource to immediately begin networking in order to grow your business and ultimately begin making money is a very valuable asset for us. This business attitude is just one more reason why Dawn and I want to make the Fox Valley area our permanent home! Having this opportunity for micro-startups like us and allowing us to indulge in the help and resources the Chamber provides, will be a big part of our future success. Networking, becoming known, participating as often as we can, doing commerce, growing into a bigger business, and being in a position to "give back" to our community are all important to being successful.

Connect Free Sponsor & Supporter