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Leap of Kindness Day

What will you do with your extra day?

Every four years, we get an extra day on the calendar. 2024 is not only a Leap Year, but also the Fox Cities Chamber’s 150th anniversary, so we wanted to do something that ties those two special days together!

We are encouraging our members to use your extra day to do something kind for someone else and encourage everyone in your family, workplace, and community to do the same. Whatever you choose does not necessarily need to happen on Leap Day – you have 366 opportunities this year to make a difference!

Ideas & Opportunities

Volunteer Fox Cities is another great resource for finding volunteer projects/needs in the area. Visit their website for the latest opportunities.

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Did you complete an act of kindness? Let us know!

We want to hear about all the great things our members do with their extra day in 2024. If you complete a volunteer project, make a donation, or just simply make someone’s day, let us know! To submit your act of kindness, complete this form, and don’t forget to tag the Fox Cities Chamber on social media!