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Prophit Co

When was your business established?


How did your business get started?

Twenty years ago, our business started in a ranch-style home on 9th Street in Green Bay. Our founder, Joe Kiedinger, was mentored by Dave Skogen of Festival Foods. Initially, we served clients in advertising and marketing, but it was Servant Leadership that drew Joe’s interest in even more.

What is your organization's mission statement? And in what ways do you fulfill your mission?

To help people unleash their true potential by teaching acceptance in an unaccepting world and giving people credit for what they do because of who they are. We do this through a collection of advisors and cutting-edge technology. What we focus on is improving organizational health through communication.

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What specific need does your business fill?

Through our four pillars, we help companies build cohesive teams, reduce leaders’ stress, teach effective communication and drive sales through purpose-driven marketing.

Who are your target customers/clients?

We work with a large range of clients from small-to medium-sized manufacturing, banking and retail clients to an international pharmaceutical company.

In what unique ways is your organization involved in the Fox Cities community?

We have an upcoming Power Up leadership seminar at the Timber Rattlers stadium on April 25th. Our aim is to get leaders excited about leading again. Through a motivating keynote speech and workshops, we will reinvigorate and renew leaders’ passion for their work—enhancing their effectiveness on the job.

What is the best part of doing business in the Fox Cities?

We love doing business in the Fox Cities! We share such a tight-knit, personable community no matter where you go, locally.

What news or future plans would you like our readers to know about?

 We launched Leadership Adventures last year and are excited for a new season of taking teams out on the road for more teambuilding and leadership training experiences soon! This one-of-a-kind event helps teams communicate and reduce workplace stress. For more information, visit: https://www.prophit.com/leadership-adventures/

Anything else to add?

Our process helps companies build strong relationships and achieve growth through a focus on dignity. Our patented tool, Dignify, makes it possible. It helps leaders track people and performance in one place—bringing out the best in employees by introducing open, honest communication to organizations. For more information, visit: www.dignify.com