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Brooke Knowles

Brooke Knowles, Manager & Wellness Account Executive, Nutritional Healing LLC
E: [email protected]
P: (920) 973-3512
Chamber Ambassador since 2018

Brooke is the Manager & Wellness Account Executive at Nutritional Healing. Located in Appleton, Nutritional Healing is a Functional Medicine Clinic working to improve the health of individuals by getting to the root cause of health issues. They use scientific diagnostic testing of many kinds, such as metabolic testing, food sensitivity testing, gut health testing, toxin burden testing – molds, environmental chemicals and heavy metals, hormone testing, vitamin and mineral testing, etc. to gather information about an individuals’ health. This information, paired with medical history information gathered, is used to develop a health plan for each individual based on their specific needs and health goals. At Nutritional Healing, they use a food-first approach to holistic health care, where they focus on dietary and lifestyle changes to improve health. They will walk through your health journey with you, step-by-step, to get you to a place of healing and optimal health.


What do you most enjoy about working in the Fox Cities?

What I enjoy most about working in the Fox Cities is that anyone can get involved and make a difference. You don’t have to be employed my a large company to participate in making an impact in the community. Small businesses are the backbone of the Fox Cities and being part of a small business myself, it is an amazing feeling to work alongside larger corporations to make a true difference in the community. The Fox Cities is such a special place; a place where one can really settle down, plant roots, and grow into an impactful person in the community.

Why did you become a member of the Fox Cities Chamber?

I became a Fox Cities Chamber member and Ambassador to get more involved in my community. I grew up in Appleton, my family is strongly rooted in the Fox Cities, and I felt that after the wonderful years this community had given me since childhood, it was time to start giving back. I wanted to be a voice in our community to continue to support its growth and help bring more innovation and opportunities to our area.

Please share your favorite/most impactful moment as a Fox Cities Chamber Ambassador.

My favorite moments of being an Ambassador for the Fox Cities Chamber have been the Ribbon Cuttings. When we get the opportunity to meet the individuals who are making their dreams come true, whether they are opening a new business, or expanding a current business, watching the pride they have in their work is unmatchable. Growing up the daughter of parents who were entrepreneurs and people in business, I know how much work goes into those dreams behind the scenes. To be there to watch all of that hard work come to fruition for someone is the most amazing experience!

How do you help make the member experience an impactful experience at the Fox Cities Chamber?

I work to help make the member experience an impactful one at the Fox Cities Chamber by talking to new people and getting to know what their values are. Listening to different opinions and learning about other individuals is the best way to understand what is going to help keep an individual in the Fox Cities, and will ultimately help develop ways to bring new people to our area as well. This is what the Chamber is all about, opening up opportunities for other individuals and making sure they know they have people supporting them in building a foundation in our community.

Do you have any advice for someone considering joining the Fox Cities Chamber?

The advice I have for someone considering joining the Fox Cities Chamber is to take a leap, come to events, put yourself out there to meet new people. Aim to develop relationships instead of just the same old business lead that goes nowhere. One of the things I love most about the Fox Cities are all of the “big city”-type offerings, but the small-town community feel where we are all in this together. The best way to experience that feeling is to put yourself out there and come attend events.