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Grow Seminars

Fox Cities Chamber Grow Seminar Series

The Chamber’s Grow Seminar Series are offered throughout the year for both members and non-members. These quarterly seminars are informative, interactive, and leave attendees with several takeaways they can implement immediately to help grow their business, organization, or personal selves.

  • January 10 – How To Bootstrap Your Digital Marketing
  • May 1 – Stop Chasing Sales. Instead, Become Market-Centric.
  • July 10 – Brand Storytelling and Building Consumer Connections
  • October – TBD
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I have attended SO MANY mediocre and uninformative (non-chamber) seminars in the last few years that I am hesitant to react and sign up for a chunk of my precious time. However, this one was fantastic! I thought the presenters did a great job at concisely relaying useful information that everyone could take away and start using immediately. Nice job!

Today's event was awesome! I learned a lot of useful information and tips. Thank you!

Super informative! Thank you to everyone that made this happen! Looking forward to attending more in the future!

Great info. Thanks for hosting!

I really enjoyed this seminar and learned something from each of the speakers. Great job organizing a relevant seminar with relatable speakers.

I have attended other Social Media break-out sessions at other events and this one by far beat them all. I went back to work with pages of notes and ideas that I plan to implement into our marketing strategies.

This event shed a great light on what's available for marketers that are on a budget. Great insights and conversations!

Grateful to have a chamber that facilitates free training events to help small businesses!

Applicable, realistic information I started using today!

Learned several things that I did not know, and will defiantly apply them to my social media aspect of my business