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Your Business Advocate: The Chamber’s Public Policy Committee needs your input!

Now that the election is over, we can start to develop ideas for new policy in the coming legislative term. While there will still be split government in Madison, hundreds of bills will eventually be signed into law. Because social media usually focuses on division between the two parties, you may be surprised to know that Governor Tony Evers (D) and the Republican Legislature worked together and passed almost 300 bills into law last cycle. This is in addition to nearly 200 bills during the first two years of Evers’s term.

So while gridlock often gets the headline, many positive things are happening in Madison, and Chamber members can have a direct impact on the future of our state.

What ideas do you have? The public policy committee has highlighted several key areas to focus on and would like your input on what specifically could be done to address these issues:

  • Workforce Development & Talent Attraction
  • Housing
  • Child Care
  • Infrastructure
  • Educational Advancement

These are broad areas and not one single idea will fix any of them. Our membership is diverse and has a wealth of knowledge in all sectors of the economy, and we want to put that to work!

If you have any ideas on what you’d like to see done not only in Madison, but also Washington and locally here in the Fox Cities, please email me at [email protected].