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Your Business Advocate: Appleton Proposes Fertilizer, Pesticide Ordinance

Several Alders from the Appleton Common Council have proposed an ordinance that would impose strict regulations on the use of fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides on public property. The definition of public property would include public right of ways on private property, including the space between your sidewalk and road.

The stated summary of the ordinance is:

This resolution commits to educating our community regarding the proper use of lawn care chemicals including fertilizer and pesticides. The resolution takes into consideration that chemicals should be applied with using the explicit guidelines stated by their labels and only under certain conditions. This resolution reflects the city’s commitment to a cleaner environment and protects the health and well-being of users the public right of way.

However, looking into the details of the ordinance, it would impose strict guidelines on use of traditional lawn care products that the average business and homeowner uses regularly. Those include:

  • A prohibition on applying the product on a day where the temperature is over 80 degrees.
  • A prohibition on applying the product on a day where the wind is over 5 mph.
  • A prohibition on applying the product on a day where precipitation is expected.
  • Any property that uses these chemicals would be required to post a sign displaying the exact chemical ingredients and the number for Poison Control.

The Municipal Services Committee is slated to debate the resolution on Monday with potential full council action at a later date.

To view the resolution, click here.