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Guident Business Solutions

Established in 2009, Guident Business Solutions is a management development firm dedicated to guiding the successful growth of organizations through the sharing of knowledge and teaching of key business practices.

Owned and operated by Gary Vaughan, Guident Business Solutions works with business owners to help them sharpen their operations by introducing financial and strategic tools to measure and forecast their business needs.

Shared Vaughan, “in order to fulfill the business owner’s dreams, they have to be much sharper business operators than ever before.”

While having worked with clients from Milwaukee to Green Bay, Vaughan has been doing business in the Fox Cities for over thirty years and understands the culture and dynamics in the region.

He saw an unmet need in the market for supporting small to medium-sized businesses with his specialized services and took a leap of faith, like most small business owners do. “Now ten-plus years later, I’m still helping business owners navigate through their challenges,” shared Vaughan.

Teaching is what sets Guident Business Solutions apart from other like-minded businesses. Often times, business owners today cannot go back to school to achieve a business degree or masters degree. Vaughan is dedicated to teaching the competencies of a formal corporate finance or strategic management education through his services.

During the challenging times due to the coronavirus pandemic, Vaughan shared that he has adapted his business practices by replacing face-to-face interaction with accessible technology such as Zoom or FaceTime. Through the use of technology, he’s been able to keep up with clients by spending time virtually working with businesses on key needs such as strategizing on financials, writing annual operating budgets, discussing employee challenges and more.

Vaughan releases a monthly newsletter, a practice he has done for years, featuring insight and practices for business owners. He is currently in the final stages of creating a book of the collection which will highlight the top sixty newsletters from the past ten years.

Of the things Vaughan is most proud of at Guident Business Solutions are the client relationships.

“Helping businesses overcome challenges or take advantage of opportunities, in the Fox Cities and beyond, is exciting and has been very rewarding,” shared Vaughan.

Guident Business Solutions specializes in providing small to medium-sized businesses with revenues under $20-million and less than fifty employees. They work to meld together the financial tools needed with the business owner’s knowledge, as the expert in their respected field, to help put the business on the track to success.

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