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Your Business Advocate: State budget focus of latest Public Policy forum

The Fox Cities Chamber held its latest Public Policy Forum on Tuesday, with a discussion focusing on the 2023 Wisconsin State Budget.  Attendees heard about the current state of Wisconsin’s finances, the debate between the Democratic Governor and Republican Legislature as they work to compromise, and what the future may hold as we face economic headwinds. Jason Stein, Vice President and Research Director at the Wisconsin Policy Forum, provided an overview and insights on the state budget and finances in general.

Click here to view the slide presentation.

Thanks to Fox Valley Tech for hosting us at the Bordini Center!

Stay tuned for our next event in August that will focus on Federal issues.


Evers Signs Tenth Bill into Law

Earlier this week, Governor Evers took action on a variety of bills, signing six of them into law. The latest marks the tenth bill to make it through both houses of the legislature and signed into law this session. For context, the tenth bill was enacted on March 29th during the 2021-2022 session.

Assembly Bill 65, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 5:  

  • Expands the eligibility for producer-led watershed protection grants, including allowing the producer-led group to be located in a single watershed or in adjacent watersheds; and 
  • Makes producer-led groups eligible for lake and river protection grants administered by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  

Senate Bill 13, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 6:  

  • Eliminates the currently inactive land recycling loan program that no applicant has applied for since fiscal year 2007-08; and  
  • Transfers the unallocated balance in the program to the clean water fund program. 

Senate Bill 36, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 7:  

  • Repeals several outdated statutory provisions, including the requirements that the Department of Tourism distribute cheese at tourist information centers and consider the use of famous current or former residents in marketing strategies; and
  • Eliminates burdensome audited financial reporting requirements for the Wisconsin Professional Golf Association (WPGA) Junior Foundation Inc., a nonprofit organization.  

Assembly Bill 94, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 8:  

  • Eliminates current law exceptions provided to the village of Pleasant Prairie Tax Incremental District (TID) Number 2, which closed in February 2022, related to exceeding the 12 percent of equalized value limitation and the number of times a TID may have its boundaries amended.

Assembly Bill 55, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 9:  

  • Increases the penalties for reckless driving; and  
  • Requires that the driver improvement surcharge and safe ride surcharge are imposed on anyone convicted of reckless driving.  

Senate Bill 76, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 10:  

  • Reorganizes the crimes of intentionally taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent;  
  • Creates a new “carjacking” section of the criminal code; and  
  • Increases certain penalties related to carjacking crimes.