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Control System Integrators Ready For First Full Year

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Control System Integrators brings comprehensive manufacturing support through innovative industrial controls and software solutions. Founded in August by Braden Van Camp and Jon Stopple and based right here in Appleton, CS Integrators brings a customer first mindset while facilitating their transition to Industry 4.0. 

Braden identifies a need for a company like CS Integrators, “Every company has a different structure, but similar problems. Automation is essential for advancement today, and we are looking to get rid of the boring or hard parts of a job so people can focus on what’s important.” Jon sums up the motivation behind starting CS Integrators, “We love helping others succeed, enjoy solving challenging problems, embrace action, and question everything. We were able to implement some of these innovative methods at previous employers with great success. So, we see huge potential to bring innovation to manufacturing and help others reap big dividends.” 

CS Integrators provides increased flexibility and connectivity while dramatically decreasing or eliminating recurring software costs. Industrial software is open, without expensive licensing or subscriptions. Applications are flexible and allow customization on demand. No more relying on vendors who are locked into a specific way of doing things and are unwilling to adapt. Be in control and stay ahead of the curve as software continues to evolve. 

CS Integrators also brings comprehensive industrial controls support – design, programming, commissioning, and upgrades. They stand out with end-to-end connectivity capabilities. No machine or process is a data island. They provide the integration between machines and systems to create a cohesive, intelligent facility. Collect and view data on any process and use that data to drive decisions for better profitability and efficiency.

Maintaining the status quo is dangerous and leads to stagnation. Control System Integrators helps modernize manufacturing facilities to enable sustained growth. Check out csintegrators.com for more information.