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The Thought Leader: 4 Reasons “AI Marketing” is the Future of Marketing (and how ChatGPT fits in)

One million users … in 5 days.

That’s the attention ChatGPT got when it launched in November 2022 – and buzz about the chatbot language model hasn’t let up. As more and more people realize that the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) are here — now — it sparks the imagination (and fear) of marketers.

Haven’t seen what ChatGPT can do? Here’s an example of a simple prompt and the results:



This follow-up asked for more specifics:


Not bad, right? Now, let’s explore what “AI marketing” means and four reasons AI will morph into marketing at nearly every level, and for nearly every business.

Reason #1: AI Experts Have Been Awaiting This Watershed Moment

AI is nothing new. Yet, ChatGPT grabbed attention because it pumps out well-written paragraphs of text on nearly any subject you can imagine in seconds. Plus, it’s easy to use.

While the “AI Wars” are already waging among the tech giants, all of us can begin to use AI right now to reduce the time and expenses needed to complete marketing functions and help achieve greater ROI.

Before anyone gets too excited, it’s critical to understand that no one knows everything about AI yet, which adds to the uncertainty of the current situation. There are some emerging AI thought leaders, however, including the founder and CEO of Marketing AI Institute, Paul Roetzer.

Paul Roetzer Headshot

“Everything we think we know about communications, creativity, and strategy is going to be redefined and reimagined in the months and years ahead,” Roetzer says. While some experienced marketers may hear an ominous threat, those who adapt quickly will thrive.

“AI won’t replace marketers, but marketers who use AI will replace those who don’t,” is how Roetzer puts it. Catch his keynote presentation during Experience Inbound 2023, Wisconsin’s Premier Marketing & Sales Conference. Attend either Wednesday, April 26, in Green Bay or Thursday, April 27, in Milwaukee.

Reason #2: ChatGPT is the Beginning of AI Marketing

Even those who’ve been studying AI for years, such as Roetzer, know it’s a challenge to keep up with the news and innovations being announced every day, let alone to know how AI will affect all aspects of our lives, including marketing.

As popular as ChatGPT is now (it’s often too busy and has to turn visitors away), this is just the tip of the iceberg. AI overall is moving at lightspeed: both in how fast it operates/learns and in how quickly it has become part of our everyday vernacular.

You’re probably hearing about other new AI tools right now. We actually demoed a new product last week that had a few very practical applications for Weidert Group and our clients. We all need to be intentional in exploring and learning. Unprepared marketers will have no idea how to properly capitalize on the new opportunities … and risk being left behind.

Reason #3: AI Tools Are Affordable

Yes, ChatGPT is currently free to use. Yet, even if it does move to a subscription-based service, its potential benefits — time and cost savings, marketing insights, better ROI, new ideas, etc. — make paying for it a bargain. We’re generally viewing it as a productivity tool, and in an environment of talent scarcity ignoring the possibilities around productivity improvements would be negligence!

The early read on the likely costs of AI tools is incredibly reasonable. The time saved for a single marketing execution more than pays for the $20 (or often less) per month/user cost for access to tools we’ve previewed

“(For AI), the barriers to entry — access to the tech, tactical skills required to use AI, compute power, and energy costs — are rapidly falling,” Roetzer adds.

Reason #4: Human + Machine = The Future of Business

Again, the idea of machines and humans working together isn’t a revolutionary thought. Automation drives modern manufacturing. Computer-controlled equipment is incredibly precise. Robots do the heavy lifting. And now, AI writes whitepapers, produces code, and gives you ideas for a year’s worth of marketing content.

The future many have imagined is emerging right now, in businesses and home offices around the globe.

“Don’t wait for the marketing world to get smarter around you. Take the initiative now to understand, pilot, and scale AI,” Roetzer says. Start your AI marketing journey today by registering to see Roetzer’s keynote presentation — Beyond ChatGPT: How AI Will Transform Your Company and Career — during Experience Inbound 2023 (as well as two more keynotes and nine additional breakout sessions).

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By Greg Linnemanstons, President, Weidert Group

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