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Scooter’s Coffee making a difference in the community

We wanted to let the chamber know about some amazing things happening in the community though us.

At Scooter’s Coffee in Wisconsin we seek for our core values of integrity, love, humility, and courage to guide us in everything we do. It is through the lens of our values that we partnered with GiftAMeal to invest in our local communities. What Andrew and his GiftAMeal team have created is nothing short of AMAZING.

We didn’t want to set up a passive partnership, but a partnership that was all in on helping solving hunger in the lives of every individual who needs help within our communities.

It is with that drive that we partnered with our AMAZING guests to give a record of 1,235 meals in the first month of our relationship with Gift A Meal. We look to continue to align with Andrew and his mission to solve the hunger crisis in our neighborhoods!

If you would like more info on this record setting month and how we have partnered with our guest to solve hunger in our communities we would love to talk to you further.

We are #ALLIN on becoming

“Fastest Friendliest Coffee in the Midwest”