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Nutritional Healing Named PULSE Champion of Young Professionals

IMG 4095Nutritional Healing has been named a PULSE Champion of Young Professionals (YPs) by the Fox Cities Chamber. This designation recognizes employers who pledge to provide support and a positive work environment for YPs within their company.

At Nutritional Healing, owner Kimberly Stoeger and her team practice functional medicine. This is a different way of looking at health and disease. Instead of just naming the disease and then giving the same treatment to everyone with that disease, they look at the individual systems in a person’s body to discover underlying root causes. Functional medicine individualizes health plans, nutrition guidelines, menu planning, and focuses on the patient instead of the disease. The company believes in the scientific approach when designing nutrition & lifestyle programs, sustainable weight loss, discovering food sensitivities, gut health, hormone testing, and athletic performance to name a few avenues. Nutritional Healing utilizes the top nutrition products available, along with the most sophisticated diagnostic tests to help clients achieve optimal health.

Nutritional Healing appreciates the importance of prevention and looks at the many interconnections within the body. Perfect health stems from an exact science. As functional medicine providers, this team goes above and beyond simply addressing ‘what’ a client is struggling with, and asks the question…’why’? Nutritional Healing’s company mission is ‘changing people’s lives from the inside out,’ and that is what this team has been doing for the past 13 years.

IMG 4101The culture at Nutritional Healing is one that captivates and retains young talent. Leadership and teammates alike are supportive, invested, and helpful toward each other, pushing YPs to explore, learn, and grow.

“As a young professional, it is such a value to work at Nutritional Healing where there is an emphasis on both personal and professional growth,” said Lisa Hofacker, Nutritionist & Program Coordinator. “It is rewarding to work for a company that strives to be the change in not only our community but also in individual’s lives.”

Practicing what they preach, Nutritional Healing understands the importance of teammate health and wellness. To help support the busy lifestyles of her YP’s, the owner Kimberly offers all lab testing, products, and supplements at cost alongside infrared sauna services and respiratory salt therapies for free. Nutritional Healing works hard to follow emerging markets trends and provide a full benefits package as well as flexible schedules to accommodate busy lifestyles and growing families.

“As a young professional working with a leader who shows you what is possible and how you create value for people’s lives, that is so motivating,” said Erin Vandomelen, Nutritionist & NH Community Ambassador. “Being around the energy and inspiration that our office brings has allowed me to grow and think bigger than I ever thought I could! It’s empowering to work beside like-minded individuals who admire the leadership in each other.”

Any Fox Cities company can apply to be classified as a PULSE Champion of Young Professionals and pledge to provide support and a positive work environment for YPs within their company. “Without our area young professionals and those that support them, the ability for the Fox Cities to grow and thrive would be limited,” said Jodie Federwitz, Director, Fox Cities Chamber PULSE Young Professionals Network. “PULSE and the Fox Cities Chamber are excited to shine a light on area businesses that generate a supportive and positive work environment for our Nutritional Healing is a company that leads by example and invests in their YPs to grow not only their teammates, but their business.”

To learn more about PULSE Young Professionals and the Champion of Young Professionals Program, visit https://foxcitieschamber.com/pulse-young-professional-network/

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