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GLRC Extends “Helping Hands” for the Re-Roofing of RMHC-Marshfield

RMHC FinishedGreat Lakes Roofing Corporation (GLRC), a leading provider in commercial and industrial roofing and 2022 recipient of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Torch Award for Ethics, donated time and materials for the re-roofing of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Marshfield (RMHC-Marshfield).

The RMHC-Marshfield re-roofing project is part of GLRC’s “Helping Hands” program that aims to build and support communities. It proudly upholds the company’s adherence to the Roofing Alliance’s commitment to adopting all RHMC chapters nationwide. Materials for this project were donated in part by GAF and ABC Supply, who often work with the Roofing Alliance to support RMHC projects.

In 2017, when the Roofing Alliance committed to adopting Houses, President of GLRC, Chris Lampien spearheaded the adoption of the RHMC-Madison location. Because of his personal experience with a medically fragile child at birth, he feels drawn to provide what he can to support other families experiencing complex medical situations.

GLRC Reroof“In 2022, our staff member, Karlie McNulty, reached out to the Ronald McDonald House in Marshfield to see if they could receive some holiday turkeys as a donation. Karlie learned the House no longer had an adoptive roofing partner, so we stepped up meet their needs. We believe in the mission of RMHC and are committed to giving what we can,” said Lampien.

“Ronald McDonald House Charities of Marshfield serves hundreds of families every year as a home away from home that provides comfort, support, and resources to families with hospitalized children. We’re incredibly grateful to Great Lakes Roofing and their partners at the Roofing Alliance for the generous donation of a new roof. Thanks to their generosity, our Ronald McDonald House will continue to provide a safe respite for families with sick kids when they need it most,” said Iilee Pederson, Executive Director of the RMHC-Marshfield.

Both established in 1983, GLRC and RMHC-Marshfield are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, making the latter’s re-roofing notable among GLRC’s community projects. Having gone through his own experience with a medically fragile child, GLRC Field Manager David Kaufman recounts how much the project means to him:

“My son was born two months premature, and I can relate to what the parents are going through with a sick child. My wife and I resided close enough to the hospital to be able to return home daily while our child received care, but if we lived further away we would have stayed at the local Ronald McDonald House. When your main concern is the care and wellbeing of your child, knowing that RMHC is available so that you can stay close enough to be there for your child, that’s an invaluable support system for parents,” said Kaufman.

Reroof Demo

Kaufman and his colleague McNulty will volunteer at the RMHC-Marshfield home in September, representing GLRC.

RMHC has 165 chapters across the U.S. The nonprofit seeks to support children’s access to medical care and ensure their families’ active involvement by providing secure and comfortable shelters near top children’s hospitals. GLRC, a member of the Roofing Alliance, has serviced the roofs of RMHC-Madison since 2017 and RMHC-Marshfield since 2022.

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