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Your Business Advocate: Legislature in Session This Week

Both the State Senate and Assembly met this week to pass legislation on a variety of topics.

The Assembly met on Wednesday to consider legislation focused on public safety. One of those bills included establishing the statutory framework to implement the constitutional amendment related to bail reform, should that pass on April 4th. Additionally, two other bills included increasing penalties on reckless driving and mandatory minimum sentences for illegally possessing a firearm.

Full session details can be found here.

Also on Wednesday, the State Senate met to confirm a series of Governor Evers’s cabinet appointees. Among those was WEDC Secretary Missy Hughes, Insurance Commissioner Nathan Houdek, and Tourism Secretary Anne Sayers.

In addition to the appointments, the Senate passed legislation to expand the availability of epinephrine pens and increase penalties for carjacking.

Full session details can be found here.


Chamber Holds Outagamie County Executive Forum

Thank you again to everyone who attended the County Executive Candidate forum at Fox Cities Stadium this past Monday! Attendees were able to hear differing visions for the future of the county executive position from Tom Nelson and Kevin Sturn. Unfortunately, there were some technical issues with the livestream, however we were still able to record it. If you would like to go back and watch the forum before casting your vote, you can do so here.


Early Voting Underway!

This Tuesday marked the start of early in-person voting across Wisconsin. Voters can head to their municipal clerk’s office and cast their ballot now. Be sure to check your local office hours as not every municipality has the same schedule. For further information, head to myvote.wi.gov.