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Your Business Advocate: Absentee Ballots Now Available!

This week, municipalities mailed out ballots to those who have an active absentee ballot request on file. You can still request one be sent to you by going to myvote.wi.gov and following the application steps. You have until 5pm on March 30th to request an absentee ballot. It must be returned by Election Day.

In-person voting begins Tuesday March 21st. Be sure to check your municipal clerk’s office hours as not every municipality has the staffing to be open every day.

Of course, you can always vote in-person on April 4th. Even if you aren’t registered to vote, you can take a few minutes to do so prior to voting.

Republicans Introduce Abortion Bill, Immediately Rejected

This week, Speaker Robin Vos along with a group of Republican legislators from both the Assembly and Senate introduced two bills tackling the abortion issue. One bill would’ve updated the 1849 law currently on the books to define what “life of the mother” means and allow exceptions for abortion in the cases of rape or incest through the first trimester. The second bill would have allowed pharmacists to prescribe birth control on site.

Governor Evers immediately rejected both proposals and said he would only sign a bill that legalized abortion completely. After that statement, Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu said in light of the Governor’s comments there was no need for the Senate to debate the bills.

Abortion has been a key issue in this year’s Supreme Court race as well as the subject of multiple lawsuits. The winner of this election will likely provide the deciding vote once the lawsuits reach the Supreme Court level.

Get Your Questions Answered By the Candidates!

On March 20th, the Chamber, along with the Post-Crescent, is hosting a FREE forum for the two candidates for Outagamie County Executive: incumbent Tom Nelson and challenger Kevin Sturn. The forum will be moderated by staff from the Chamber and newspaper, but we need your input on what we should ask!

Please send questions to [email protected]. Questions can address any topic of interest to Outagamie County and the Fox Cities region. Please craft your questions for both candidates to give a response.

We would also love for you to attend in person! The forum will run from 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. and you can register here.