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Camp intends to prepare local young adults with disabilities for employment in manufacturing, unlocking a new labor market

On Monday, VPI, Inc. will kick off the first day of a 4-week inclusive manufacturing summer camp in partnership with Nuts, Bolts, & Thingamajigs Foundation (NBT). The camp is designed to help train and prepare young adults with disabilities for employment in manufacturing, while also showing local employers that this group of individuals is a viable option to meet their workforce demands.

As employers look to be more creative with ways to fill their workforce needs and close skills gaps, training individuals with disabilities to do these jobs is a viable option. During the camp, VPI staff will facilitate interactive activities designed to improve “soft” skills, help individuals gain confidence in their abilities, and explore careers in various manufacturing environments.

“Last year, we extended job offers to all graduates of this program and we are looking forward to continuing the success this year,” said Megan Gerl, Vice President of Community Programs at VPI, Inc.

Campers will participate in paid work experiences on a variety of VPI production lines to develop the “hard” skills needed for these manufacturing jobs and will tour local manufacturing facilities to learn about the wide variety of industries and jobs in manufacturing.

VPI’s mission is to promote the dignity and worth of individuals who have disabilities or are disadvantaged and to assist them in developing their optimum level of social, vocational, and economic independence in the community.

VPI, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization provides a variety of community programs and services – including education, early intervention, employment, mental health, and social and recreational services, and packaging solutions to the Fox Cities and surrounding areas. By providing efficient contract packaging and production services to private industry with an integrated workforce, VPI has been able to deliver community programing and services to support the changing needs of community members with disabilities or disadvantages.