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jen and amy 1A new leadership role has been established to help advance the mission of Samaritan. Executive Director Rosangela Berbert announced Jen Parsons will serve as Samaritan’s new Associate Executive Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships. One aspect of Parsons’ new role will facilitate growth of Samaritan’s revenue streams to expand impact, including securing new partners to purchase a license to use Samaritan’s product Candid™ to develop a school based mental wellness screening program, like Samaritan Wellness Screen.

Berbert commended Parsons’ exceptional entrepreneurial drive when announcing her new role, following eight years as Wellness Screen Director. “Jen’s proven track record developing the Wellness Screen team and services, and her dedication to Samaritan’s mission make her the ideal choice for this crucial role,” Berbert said. “I am looking forward to maintaining and growing relationships with members of our community to continue to enhance our services, and grow our reach, “Jen Parsons said of her new role.

Moving into the role of Wellness Screen Director, vacated by Parsons, is current Wellness Screen Manager Amy D’Addario. “Amy has demonstrated outstanding leadership and management skills while serving as the Wellness Screen Manager. Her contributions have been instrumental in the success of our Wellness Screen program, making her well-suited for this elevated role,” Berbert said of D’Addario. “Wellness Screen has grown tremendously in the past 10 years. It has been exciting to be a part of that change. I look forward to continuing the good work and developing new ways to serve the community,”
D’Addario said. “I am confident that these changes in our organization’s leadership roles will contribute significantly to the growth and sustainability of our organization,” Berbert said.

Parsons and D’Addario assumed their new roles within the organization effective October 30, 2023