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We are excited for our new location to expand programs and continue strengthening our community

People of Progression (P.O.P.), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, will be moving into a new space located at 333 1st Street, Ste A&B, in Menasha in March of 2024. The property is owned and managed by Titan Property Management. P.O.P.’s office in Menasha will be open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm with walk-in intake hours that are still being determined.

P.O.P. is a Black-led resource hub that addresses unmet needs in the Tri-county area, particularly centering Black and African Americans. The services P.O.P. provides can be divided into three primary categories: support services (employment, housing, crisis counseling, advocacy for survivors of domestic & sexual violence), holistic health services (peer-to-peer support groups, maternal health supports) , and youth harm prevention services. In 2023 alone, P.O.P. served over two thousand community members through community outreach events, mental health workshops, holistic support groups, and direct services for basic needs or advocacy.

“We are dedicated to providing African Americans with resources that help them stay safe and closely connected to support that does not further harm them, especially in times of crisis. We take pride in our work to uplift, celebrate, and advance Black lives, and all individuals who are navigating at the margins of our society in the Fox Cities.” – Kristen Gondek, Executive Director

People of Progression (P.O.P.) was established in 2020 when leaders in the community came together during uncertainty to collaborate for a collective goal that grew to form a grass roots organization. The vision of People of Progression is to intentionally support African Americans through collaborations with trusted partners, community resources, and culturally-specific programs. By targeting the root causes of systemic oppression, and focusing on holistic pathways to healing and advocacy, we actively empower our families & next generation. For additional information, please visit https://peopleofprogression.com/