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Heid Music, with a storied legacy spanning over 75 years, is in full swing for the back-to-school instrument rental season, reaffirming its unwavering commitment to nurturing music education in our communities.

As the excitement of the back-to-school season fills the air, it is evident that our children are in for a fantastic year. Our community unites in support of programs that not only cultivate this sense of accomplishment but also nurture teamwork, creative development, and emotional well-being. Music education, a remarkable catalyst for these achievements, goes beyond enhancing cognitive abilities; it fosters holistic growth. Within the academic realm, music education stands proudly alongside subjects like math and science, imparting invaluable life skills such as self-discipline, confidence, and unwavering dedication. Extensive research highlights the remarkable achievements of students engaged in music programs, demonstrating superior performance on standardized tests when compared to their non-musical counterparts.

At Heid Music, they are committed to ensuring a seamless academic year for their customers. Their dedicated repair staff meticulously inspects every band and orchestra instrument, collaborating closely with local educators to guarantee the availability of essential accessories. With their newly enhanced website and integrated technology, Heid Music’s rental season is thoughtfully designed to prioritize the nurturing of musical connections while transcending the usual back-to-school shopping anxiety.

Tracey, a member of the Heid Music team, expressed, “When a family steps into the store, it’s a delightful experience where they can discover something new each time. It’s a joy to witness students’ excitement about their new instruments.”

Heid Music’s in-store specialists, aptly named “Music Enthusiasts,” are deeply touched during the back-to-school season, as it transports them back to the moment they fell in love with music. Magic is in the air, and employees radiate enthusiasm while sharing their musical joy with families.

Leah Reed, Director of eCommerce and Brand, warmly shares, “Rental season takes us on a nostalgic journey, evoking fond memories of the excitement when we first began our musical journeys in school.

The tangible enthusiasm in the atmosphere reignites my own passion for music and deepens my appreciation for the meaningful work we do.”

The initial step in forging a personal connection with the gift of music involves supporting music education and local events. There are numerous opportunities to ensure that children in the area are supported in their musical expressions.

To learn more about how you can connect with Heid Music, visit them in-store at any of their five Wisconsin locations or explore their wealth of instruments and informational resources online at HeidMusic.com. Heid Music’s dedication to service, convenience, and community makes it a win-win for all.

Images from Back-To-School Rental events and company logos are available upon request. For interviews or live remotes, please contact Tracey Ellenberg at 920.831.4990 ext. 115 or [email protected].


About Heid Music

For over 75 years, Heid Music has been a cornerstone of the community, supporting students and musicians in their musical pursuits. With locations in Appleton, Green Bay, Madison, Oshkosh, and Stevens Point, Wis., Heid Music offers a wide array of new and used instruments for sale or rent, including band and orchestra instruments, acoustic and digital pianos, guitars, drums, and more. With Wisconsin’s largest selection of sheet music, Heid Music also stocks various amps, accessories, and gift items, provides private and group lessons, and offers instrument repair services. Visit HeidMusic.com for more information or to purchase instruments and accessories.

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