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Healthcare Facilities Gain Expert Help in Meeting Regulatory and Accreditation Requirements

J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. — a leader in safety and compliance — launches four new onsite healthcare consulting services

Hospitals, clinics and related medical centers can now choose from four new onsite consulting services introduced by  J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. to keep their facilities in compliance with complex regulatory and accreditation requirements.

These requirements include the wide variety of codes, standards and regulations from organizations such as The Joint Commission (TJC), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), state health departments, OSHA and more.

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“From regulatory compliance to patient care, the healthcare industry faces unique challenges and risks,” said J. J. Keller Healthcare Safety Consultant Micheal Miller, who has spent over a decade serving medical facilities as a Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP). “That’s why we developed a full range of services for ensuring patient safety and quality of care, improving compliance with the requirements, and maintaining accreditation, which are vital for retaining Medicare and Medicaid funding.”

J. J. Keller’s four new onsite healthcare consulting services include:

  • Accreditation Mock Survey, which prepares a facility for a successful TJC Life Safety survey. It focuses on TJC Life Safety, Environment of Care and Emergency Management accreditation standards the exact same way the survey would be conducted by a Life Safety surveyor, and provides a full report of recommendations for improvements.
  • Life Safety Assessment, which evaluates whether a facility’s Life Safety systems meet TJC and NFPA 101 Life Safety requirements. A full report is provided detailing recommendations for addressing risk areas, in addition to providing in-person staff education on the Life Safety requirements.
  • Workplace Violence Assessment, which provides a complete assessment of a facility’s physical environment and its workplace violence program, including staff training, policies and procedures, injury reports and more. A full report, including recommendations for corrective actions, is provided.
  • Document Review & Support, which examines a facility’s records to ensure they’re meeting TJC Environment of Care, Life Safety, and Emergency Management standards. This includes a detailed report of the findings and recommendations to address any issues.
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These new services join a comprehensive suite of consulting services offered by J. J. Keller, a leader in safety and regulatory compliance for 70 years. The company’s expertise ranges from healthcare to transportation, workplace safety, environmental, hazardous materials, human resources and more.

For additional information about J. J. Keller’s new Healthcare Consulting Services, visit JJKellerConsulting.com/healthcare-consulting or contact J. J. Keller at 844-803-0172.

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