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Grand-Opening Ribbon-Cutting Event Provides New Gathering Space for Northeast Wisconsin Hmong Professionals

On Saturday, Feb. 11 Northeast Wisconsin (NEW) Hmong Professionals will cut the ribbon and officially open the doors to its new facility. The new building provides a safe space for Hmong elders to connect with each other, youth to practice cultural dances and professionals to network.

“NEW Hmong Professionals is thrilled to officially open the doors of this new building, uniting generations with a shared pride in their culture,” stated Long Vue, executive director of NEW Hmong Professionals. “We’re delighted that our commitment to providing spaces for celebration and connection has resulted in this incredible facility. This milestone marks an important step forward as the city’s vibrant Hmong population continues to grow.”

The NEW Hmong Professionals facility will provide a space for networking, connecting and cultural programming for the Hmong community, but it is also open to the public. To learn more about upcoming activities and programs, visit newhmongprofessionals.org.


About Northeast Wisconsin Hmong Professionals

Northeast Wisconsin (NEW) Hmong Professionals is a nonprofit organization based in Appleton, Wisconsin, dedicated to creating spaces that engage, empower and elevate Hmong professionals in the areas of networking, mentoring and leadership. Established in January 2020, NEW Hmong Professionals aims to create a safe space for the Hmong community to gather, grow and connect. To learn more about NEW Hmong Professionals, visit newhmongprofessionals.org.