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Early voting for spring primary open, with key races on the ballot

Wisconsin has key primary elections coming up on Feb. 21, with polls open from 7 AM – 8 PM at your local polling station. While lines will likely be very short, if past voter turnout for these nonpartisan primary elections is any indication, you can still do your civic duty now and not worry about an inconvenience later, as early voting opened on Feb. 7 in many municipalities. Be sure to check with your local clerk on hours. You can also request a mail-in absentee ballot be sent to your home, and that one be sent automatically in advance of the April general election, so you do not have to fill out the form again.

Generally for spring elections you may see a handful of candidates on your ballot, and the top two vote-getters in February will move on to the April ballot. These are important races. Of special note on the local ballot, current Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson will be challenged by Justin Krueger of Combined Locks and Kevin Sturn of Greenville. On the statewide ballot is the seat for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice: Waukesha County Judge Jennifer Dorow, Former state Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly, Dane County Judge Everett Mitchell, and Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz. Additionally there are several local races for municipalities and school districts.

Head to myvote.wi.gov where you can find out your municipal clerk’s office hours, where to vote on Election Day, request an absentee ballot, and view a sample ballot of what you will be voting on. While getting a fraction of the headlines, local government has more effect on your day-to-day life than the State or Federal Government. And turnout is usually low, so your vote has a greater impact now than in Fall elections! Be sure to make your voice heard and support your neighbors who have thrown their hat in the ring to serve you on your municipal and county government.