Home of the Hamburger Featured on Discovery+!

Published Tuesday, May 10, 2022

In Seymour, Wisc., saying the word “hamburger” will probably start a conversation about the history of how Seymour became Home of the Hamburger. What you might not know is that Seymour has a lot of competitors (or should we say “imitators?”) when it comes to claiming the title of the Home of the Hamburger. You can learn all about it – and see some of the highlights of the most recent Burger Fest on Discovery+ and its new show the Messy History of American Food.

The show, which begins streaming on May 11, will feature an American food staple in each episode and dive into all the stories, conspiracies and origins of where it came from. Viewers will want to stay tuned for the burger episode which features Seymour’s Home of the Hamburger! The town hosted a crew from the Food Network at the 2021 Burger Fest to give them the inside scoop on how Hamburger Charlie created this beloved all-American food.  The date of the show featuring Burger Fest has not yet been released.

“We were thrilled to have the Food Network come out and learn about Burger Fest and Hamburger Charlie,” explained Donnie Planert, Jr., Home of the Hamburger Board President. “We get visitors from all over the world each year who want to see where the burger got its start. And of course we know it was right here in Seymour! To have our story featured on a national show is amazing.”

Messy History of American Food will begin streaming episodes on May 11 through Discovery+. You can view the official show trailer on the streaming platforms YouTube.

While you’re digesting all this great information on the stories behind your favorite American foods, stay tuned for updates and detail on this year’s Burger Fest celebration. Check out the Home of the Hamburger website or find the Home of the Hamburger on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.