McMahon hires new engineers, land surveyors and architectural designer

Published Wednesday, September 8, 2021

NEENAH, Wis. -- McMAHON, a full-service, professional engineering and architectural firm, has hired several new engineers, land surveyors and an architectural designer to its Neenah team.

New engineers include Mike Katzenberger, water resources engineer; Grant Gilbaugh, HVAC design engineer; and Jim Talbert, senior process design engineer.

Katzenberger is a recent graduate of UW- Madison where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in biological systems engineering with an emphasis on natural resources and environmental engineering. Gilbaugh holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from UW-Platteville, and Talbert brings 25 years of industry experience along with a bachelor’s degree in industrial technology and product development.

New land surveyors include Mike Kaczmarzyk, senior land surveyor, and Joel Wald, land surveyor. Kaczmarzyk holds an associate degree in natural resources technology from Fox Valley Technical College and has more than 35 years of land surveying experience. Wald is also a graduate of Fox Valley Technical College and holds a natural resources technician degree.

Christa Weyenberg also joins McMahon as an architectural designer. She is a Northeast Wisconsin Technical College graduate with an associate degree in architectural technology.