Local Start-up Spins Leadership Fox Cities Idea into Developing App

Published Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Local entrepreneur Ryan McMurtrie has developed a tool designed to bring together people who think differently to discuss complex issues in a respectful way. The idea, Collective Reflection, is a web-based tool with plans to become an app after beta testing is complete.

The tool, designed by Blue Door Consulting, is used in a group setting where two individuals square off on a crucial and contemporary topic in front of an audience of spectators. Spectators vote to rate the conversation based on respect, time management, open-mindedness and accuracy used by the debaters. The debaters see real-time reactions to their conversations, providing a feedback loop that results in civil discourse.

The idea came to McMurtrie while reflecting on his experience in the Leadership Fox Cities program, sponsored by the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce. Although the group project planned in his cohort did not come to be, he says “I never stopped thinking about it. I’ve been passionate about debate and discussion since I was a child. Now I’m trying to develop something that helps people share differing ideas.”

Once proven in testing, the tool will be developed into an app that can be used by individuals or groups interested in learning how to have more respectful conversations. “I firmly believe that the best solutions are arrived at through people who think differently sharing their ideas in a constructive way,” said McMurtire.

As part of the tool’s beta testing, Collective Reflection is hosting live, informal debates and is seeking participants to join them as spectators or debaters. The first of these debates is August 26, 2021, at Blue Door Consulting’s offices in downtown Oshkosh.

For more information or to register for a live debate beta test, visit www.collective-reflection.com

About the Collective Reflection
Collective Reflection was founded by local entrepreneur, Ryan McMurtrie, to help facilitate and change the way we have difficult conversations. The technology behind Collective Reflection is a web-based tool designed to give real-time feedback to two people engaged in a difficult conversation. The tool is currently in beta testing with plans to be developed into an app. For more information about this idea, visit www.collective-reflection.com