Bassett Mechanical Wins 2019 Wisconsin Safety Council Corporate Safety Award and President & CEO, Kim Bassett, Is Inducted Into Wisconsin Safety Hall of Fame!

Published Friday, June 12, 2020

June is National Safety month and Bassett Mechanical has much to celebrate. The company is proud to receive the 2019 Wisconsin Safety Council Corporate Safety Award and honored to announce that President & CEO, Kim Bassett, has been inducted into the Wisconsin Safety Hall of Fame.

Corporate Safety Award. Only 13 companies were honored with the Wisconsin Safety Council Corporate Safety Award and Bassett Mechanical is just one of three winners in the midsize construction (NAICS Code 23) category.

The Wisconsin Safety Council established this award program 26 years ago to honor companies who continue to prioritize safety in their business, maintain excellent safety records, and have worked hard to create a safe and healthy culture. Aaron Heubner, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Safety Council states, “It is our mission to make Wisconsin the safest place to live, work and play. This year’s group of Corporate Safety Award winners exemplify that mission and serve as models of what a true commitment to safety is.”

Winners of this award were chosen based on information they provided on the organization’s 2019 safety records, the company’s safety and health leadership, training programs, and safety accomplishments and goals. A panel of 33 judges consisting of safety and insurance professionals review and choose the final winners. Since Bassett Mechanical’s very beginning in 1936, they have worked hard to develop a culture focused on safety and are excited to have been chosen to win this award for the fifth time and third consecutive year!

Wisconsin Safety Hall of Fame. The Wisconsin Safety Hall of Fame began in 2001 and identifies a CEO or executive of an organization that has distinguished themselves over a period of years for outstanding achievements in workplace and off-the-job safety and health, community service, environmental stewardship and responsible citizenship. “Kim has been a terrific leader in the safety community for years,” said Aaron Huebner, Wisconsin Safety Council Executive Director.

“Both Kim and Bassett Mechanical truly embody what it means to create a culture of safety. Their commitment to employees’ safety at work, home, and everywhere else is unparalleled.”

“I am honored and grateful to receive this award. It is a reflection of the commitment and dedication of our entire company to safety,” Kim shares. “I do many things in my role as President & CEO, but doing my best to keep our associates safe is by far the most important.” Kim says that “good enough” is never an option when it comes to the lives of associates, customers, and community members.

Bassett Mechanical’s safety program strives to continuously improve and better protect associates through a collaborative Behavioral Based Safety Program. Cory Goldschmidt, Bassett Mechanical’s Director of Safety says “Safety is not just each of us individually, it’s all of us collectively. We encourage associates of all areas to share their ideas, look out for each other, and get involved in safety as much as they can. By doing this, we help eliminate hazards before they become incidents.”

“Our associates are our greatest asset and members of our very own Bassett Mechanical Family. I want to see each of them go home to their loved ones exactly how they arrived in the morning - safe and healthy,” states Kim. “I’d like to say thank you to all of our associates for keeping themselves, their teams, our customers, and communities safe. My name might be on the plaque, but I accept it on behalf of each of our dedicated associates who truly make a difference with safety each and every day.”