County will back off local restrictions

Published Friday, May 15, 2020

Effective today, Outagamie County will rescind its May 14 Safer-at-Home order.


The county had joined a number of counties, including Brown, Winnebago and Calumet, along with the City of Appleton, in issuing similar orders, to afford the legislature additional time to craft procedures in the wake of the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s May 13 decision to void the Governor’s statewide Safer-at-Home order.


“After conferring with the governor, it became clear that the legislature has no plans for a staged and sensible reopening of our public spaces,” Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson said.


Mary Dorn, Deputy Health & Human Service Director, put the focus on health and safety.


“As a public Health official, it’s my responsibility to protect the health of Outagamie County residents. The lack of clear and consistent guidance from the state required us to take quick action and extend the safer at home order,’ she explained.


Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Becky Bartoszek, welcomed the recommendations.


“We are excited to provide greater consistency and predictability for the employers and employees of the Fox Cities,” she said, “We have all public health agencies largely on the same page. This is another example of how the Fox Cities are stronger together.”

Dorn stressed that despite shifting public opinion, the COVID-19 virus continues to be a primary concern.


“We have reviewed our local data, including the low positive-test result rates from our tri-county testing effort this week and we’ve consulted with our local partners—including the chamber of commerce and law enforcement and concluded that the recommendations we are issuing today are in the best interest of the community,” she said.


“People must understand that the pandemic isn’t over,” Dorn added.  “The protective measures recommended here are necessary to protect the health of our people.”