K-16 Education Initiatives | Fox Cities Chamber

The Fox Cities Chamber supports collaboration and connection between business and industry, our regional school districts and higher education providers. We understand that quality education leads to a skilled workforce and a skilled workforce leads to quality of life in the Fox Cities Region.

We are committed to helping develop the relationships and opportunities for connection that will attract, develop and retain the talent needed to promote the economic growth and prosperity of employers and the Fox Cities Region well into the future. 


Announcement about Your Future Fox Cities:

Your Future Fox Cities will no longer be available on the Fox Cities Chamber website after June 15, 2019.

We encourage you to transition to the new platform, Inspire, if you wish to continue participating in career based learning experiences for your area students. These experiences help develop and attract our future workforce!

  • An estimated 24 - 35% of high school graduates directly enter the workforce?
  • Students in Wisconsin have mandated academic and career planning in grades 6 - 12?
  • There is an easy solution for promoting your organization and career opportunities to students, parents and school staff?  


Please contact Tania Kilpatrick at CESA 6 for further information about Inspire.

tkilpatrick@cesa6.org or 920.236.0531

K-16 Education Initiatives:

Future Fox Cities Career Expo: 8 - 12th grade event

Smart Girls Rock: STEM event

Fox Cities Days: College Recruitment

Excellence in Education Awards