2022 Leadership Fox Cities Group Projects

Project: Literacy for All
Project team: Trendon Albers, Michael Hernandez, Jessica Micke, Stephanie Schott and Jill Skarda
Our focus is to establish three library stations in low-income areas within the Fox Valley where children could access free books. The main objectives of this undertaking are to promote literacy by expanding local children's literacy horizons as well as their passion for reading, all while cultivating a spirit of generosity and sharing within the communities.  Read more.
Making books available to children from low-income backgrounds can have a significant impact on improving their literacy skills and academic potential. Families with higher incomes as well as higher educational backgrounds are more likely to own children's books of their own. The lack of access to books is a key contributor to the never-ending cycle of educational disadvantage, with 64 percent of fourth-graders reading at or below the basic level and 93 million adults lacking sufficient reading skills to successfully contribute to society.  Now is the time to support literacy in our communities and work to get books into the hands of disadvantaged children across the Fox Valley. We want to encourage children to read daily, especially during long breaks from school - when those without access to books are at increased risk of falling behind their peers academically.  
There is magic in books, and the simple act of reading with children has a profound impact on their educational development. By giving children new learning opportunities through increased access to books, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need us most. Our team, Trendon Albers, Michael Hernandez, Jessica Micke, Stephanie Schott and Jill Skarda is extremely honored to be part of the Leadership Fox Cities Program and to have the ability to impact our community where we work and live. We are also humbled and grateful to have the support of the Appleton Area School District, Appleton Public Library, Menasha Public Library, Neenah Public Library, Miron Construction Co., Inc. and local low income apartment complex property managers who are supporting this project.