Employee Friendly Workplace

Benefits and Investment



The Employee Friendly Workplace initiative and certification program strives to engage, educate and encourage the adoption of more employee friendly workplace practices and policies by all Fox Cities employers in order to enhance work/life integration and successfully attract and retain the best employees in the region. Certified employers; employers on the path to certification and supporting partners will have access to a variety of benefits including, education, resources and research.    

Educational events  

Certified employers will be invited to participate on the Employee Friendly Workplace Committee. These employers will assist in guiding development of educational events and policy discussions. 

Certified Employers will also have the option to become “Certified” Mentors who will assist businesses navigating the path to certification.


Once certified, employers will receive a media kit to help celebrate and promote their significant commitment to enhancing work/life integration as well as creating a positive work environment and experience for all employees. The media kit includes; 


Employers who become certified can achieve; increased productivity and loyalty, improved employee engagement and a reduction in absenteeism as well as healthcare costs.

The Employee Friendly Workplace certification program is available to employers with operations located in the Fox Cities.

* The certification fee applies only to employees located in the counties of Outagamie, Calumet and Winnebago.