Bazaar After Dark Vendors



Common vendor details that apply at most of our markets:

  • VENDOR ACCEPTANCE: Unfortunately, we cannot accept all applicants due to space restrictions. We will always do our best to select a diverse group at each event. Acceptance into previous night markets does not guarantee acceptance to future events. All items sold at Bazaar After Dark® must be handmade. Vendors accepted into each night market event typically provide the following: handcrafted/handmade/artisan goods; are unique/one-of-a-kind/trendy; from a start-up business. We do not accept the following: Direct Sales/Multi-level Marketing, Service providers.


  • LOGISTICS: The set-up & take down of our events are generally limited to the two hours prior and post event; some exceptions do apply, and again, this will be confirmed or adjusted in the vendor info email that goes out in the days leading up to the event.


  • DISPLAYS: You will be expected to provide all of your own tables, chairs, shelving, décor, etc… at each event. Our vendors get very creative with their space & this is much appreciated! We want the space to be beautiful & inviting for our customers.  We trust that vendors will come prepared and make the space their own.


  • SPACE:  Typically, our vendors are allowed 10’ x 10’ of space. Depending on the # of vendors we are hosting and layout challenges,  we ask our participants to be flexible whenever possible. It is always good to be prepared for adjustments as needed. We will always do our absolute best to ensure your happiness & success at each event. As has been the case in past BAD events or similar markets, you will be side-by-side with your neighbors. This will help to abate wind issues & create an intimate feel. Often vendors with trailers/trucks (food) will need to drive into their space first, but we will try to get everyone situated as quickly as humanly possible. Food Vendors – You will be given whatever space necessary for you to operate (within reason) at this event. If you have a rough idea of how much space your trailer/food truck/booth requires please include this information on your application.


  • ELECTRIC, WI-FI  & WATER:  Each vendor will have access to electricity at Bazaar After Dark®. This is meant to address basic lighting needs for the event (you should plan on lighting your space independently as the ambient lighting from the market lights may not be enough to “do business”)  If your electric needs exceed basic wattage, please indicate your requirements on your application and we will do our best to accommodate you. You will always need to provide your own extension cords ( we suggest bringing several) and water containers (health code alert!).  Water & WI-FI cannot be guaranteed and is unlikely to be provided. You may have to rely on a data plan (4G, etc…) if you are using a square or other CC processing device at one of our events.


  • LIGHTING: We will be installing a minimum of 550’ of market lighting at each Bazaar After Dark® event. While incredibly pretty, it is also decidedly impractical from a set-up perspective. While it will create a beautiful ambient glow/vibes, it will not do much to showcase your stuff (food/art/performance.) Please provide your own booth lighting.  This can be lamps, string lights, professional lighting… whatever you please; but whatever you do, come prepared to manage it yourself. Bring extension cords, back-up bulbs, whatever you may need. It’s a good idea to test your set-up at night pre-event to guarantee you have enough light for customers to view your product/service/performance.


  • CASH: Please bring your own change for customers.  If you have other payment methods you accept (square, check, etc…) that is great too!  Please do keep track of your earnings so we can collect that info after the event to show our supporters and future supporters the economic impact of our programs on the community.


  • PARKING: Parking is always a mixed bag & we typically want to keep it as open as possible for attendees. You will be asked to park away from the market, after you have finished unloading your booth, whenever possible. More details will be provided in the days prior to the event.


  • LOADING & UNLOADING: If you have never visited the space where our event is being held, we encourage you to take a peek (if you live close by) prior to each event. We always work hard to make it as graceful a process as possible and we ask that vendors help one another unload & set-up when time permits.


  • WEATHER: Our events are set up to go on rain or shine (within reason – legitimate concerns about safety will be treated with respect).  The absolute last thing we want is for someone’s work/equipment/etc… to be damaged or destroyed, but we cannot do much to ensure that doesn’t happen outside of asking you to take extreme precautions. If the forecast looks foreboding in the weeks leading up to an event, we will attempt to have an alternate date prepared.


  • CHECK-IN: Please check in with someone on staff or a volunteer when you arrive the day of so we can get you to the right location/space. A layout/booth assignment will not be provided until the day of the event.


  • FEE: The cost to participate in Bazaar After Dark® is $75/event (or $125 if applying for both events in 2020). You will be expected to pay in advance via CC by calling our offices (920-734-7101) or you can pay in cash or check by stopping in or mailing a payment to 125 N. Superior St. Appleton WI 54911 . You will not be invoiced until your application has been reviewed and accepted. Some vendors have been excused from this fee because their business operates in the primary district of the event and their participation is relevant to our mission.  If you feel you fit within this category, please make a note of it on your application. ALL vendors must apply. Past participation does not guarantee acceptance, but it does help.


  • HUMAN STUFF: At each event, we ask that you try to be as flexible as possible but also let us know when something isn’t working for you or your staff. We will do everything in our power to make everyone’s experience as positive & rewarding as possible, but we are humans too & we do screw up sometimes.  Don’t be afraid to speak up, but please be kind.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA: If you are participating, don’t forget to share this event with your friends & family on social media. Visit our Facebook page here