Fox Cities Chamber Choice FAQs


What makes Chamber Choice unique among other insurance programs?

  • The Chamber Choice Health Insurance Program provides employees the opportunity to select their local health plan of choice, based on what’s best for them and their family. Both Network Health and Robin with HealthPartners will provide similar benefits, with cost-savings options and long-term stability all in one package providing a seamless program for employers.

Do I have to be a member to use the Chamber Choice program?

  • Yes. The Fox Cities Chamber Choice Health Insurance Program is available exclusively to members of the Chamber and must be purchased through health insurance brokers who are also members of the Chamber. Click here to become a member of the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce.

Do I have to be a member to sell the Chamber Choice program?

  • Yes. While brokers do not have to be a member to quote the Chamber Choice Health Insurance Program, they will need to become a member at a qualifying level of membership to finalize the sale. Learn more about Broker Membership Levels here.

When is the Chamber Choice program effective?

  • The Fox Cities Chamber Choice Health Program is effective beginning on July 1, 2020.

How do I apply for the Chamber Choice program for my business?

  • To enroll your business in the Chamber Choice program, contact one of the Fox Cities Chamber Choice authorized brokers. View the list of authorized brokers here.



Become a member of the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce:  CLICK HERE 

  • For membership inquiries, please contact Tonya Boelter, Vice President of Member Services, at (920) 734-7101 or
  • For specific questions about quoting/selling an insurance plan, please contact Tom Lehr, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, at (920) 734-7101 or
  • For Network Health specific questions, please contact Travis Janssen, Senior Account Executive at (920) 720-1250 or
  • For Robin with HealthPartners specific questions, please contact Lori Desorcy, Sales Executive, at (920) 328-1656 or Lori.G.Desorcy@HealthPartners.Com.

If you’re an employer, please contact your broker for a Chamber Choice quote.