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Local Woman Pedals Toward Wellness & Healing

Sarah Stenvig’s wellness journey culminates in the BayCare Clinic Century Ride

Sarah Stenvig, a dedicated employee of BayCare Clinic for over 20 years, is not just an employee—she’s a testament to the life-changing impact of the organization’s wellness initiatives. Sarah’s journey through BayCare’s CALM (Caregivers Adapting Lifestyle as Medicine) program will culminate on June 1 when she participates in the BayCare Clinic Century Bayshore to Lakeshore cycling tour.

Sarah’s experience with the CALM program began with a personal commitment to her well-being. “I lost my husband to cancer more than two years ago,” Sarah explains, reflecting on the challenges she faced during those years. “A lot of my days were spent helping him fight cancer. While I wouldn’t change my support for him, I lost focus on myself. Since his passing, I’ve been taking steps for my well-being, one at a time.”

The CALM program, designed for Aurora BayCare and BayCare Clinic employees, offered Sarah and five fellow participants a structured pathway to holistic health. “We started in January, and it’s been transformative,” Sarah says. “We had weekly goals for nutrition, training and lifestyle, all specific to our needs. We also had a sense of community with each other and past participants, which helped cheer us on.”

Sarah’s dedication to the program is evident in her achievements. “I’ve lost 15 pounds and met my 6-month goal,” she proudly shares. “But it’s not just about weight loss. I’m more mindful of the food in front of me, I’m less stressed, and I’ve adopted a healthier lifestyle.”

The peak of Sarah’s journey is her participation in the Century Ride. She plans to use her late husband’s bike, as he was an avid rider. “Completing the Century Ride will be the final accomplishment of this program,” Sarah says. “I’ve put a lot of effort and time into this journey, and I’ll feel I did it. And I know my husband will be with me.”

Sarah hopes her story inspires others to sign up and prioritize their health. “Anybody can do it,” she encourages. “There are ways to figure out worries, stresses, or perceived physical limitations. Local bike shops are a great resource.”

The Century Ride, sponsored by BayCare Clinic Foundation, offers cyclists of all ages and abilities the option of biking 100-, 60-, 30- or 15-mile courses through scenic Brown, Door and Kewaunee counties. The event, starting and ending at BayCare Clinic headquarters, promises a day of fun and celebration for participants. All riders will also enjoy a picnic-style celebration after their ride.

Mike Schmidt, Director of Marketing and Business Development for BayCare Clinic, emphasizes the broader mission behind the Century Ride. “The century ride is part of our organization’s ongoing efforts to advocate bicycling as a healthy activity for the entire family,” he states.

As Sarah looks forward to the ride, her message is clear: “Just try it! It’s for a great cause.”

For those interested in joining the ride or learning more about this event, visit baycarecentury.com.

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