Business Breakfast Bytes

Business Breakfast Bytes are complimentary educational opportunities for members only, which features topics carefully selected to speak to the top small to mid-sized business concerns. 

These sessions are scheduled to occur every third Tuesday of the month starting September and running through May. A light breakfast will be provided to attendees from the sponsoring organization.

Questions? Please contact Tonya Boelter, Vice President of Member Services, at or (920) 734-7101.


Past Breakfasts:

February 2020 | Topic: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

January 2020 | Topic: Cybersecurity for Small Business

December 2019 | Topic: Building Leaders in the Workplace

October 2019 | Topic: Steps to Avoid and/or Strengthen Your Position for Litigation

September 2019 | Topic: Creating Killer Social Media Content

May 2019 | Topic: Technology for the Modern Workplace

April 2019 | Topic: Big Data

March 2019 | Topic: Business Succession Planning

February 2019 | Topic: How to Effectively Correct Performance, Discipline, Remediate and Separate Employees from Employment

January 2019 | Topic: Investing in Employees through Professional Development

December 2018 | Topic: Multichannel Marketing 

November 2018 | Topic: Demystifying the Search for Funding Opportunities: How to Identify and Access Them

October 2018 | Topic: Common Workplace Injuries and Preventative Measures

September 2018 | Topic: People with Disabilities: An Underutilized Talent Pool

May 2018 | Topic: Deconstructing Data

April 2018 | Topic: Sustainability in the Workplace

March 2018 | Topic: Developing your Brand Strategy

February 2018 | Topic: Finding & Recruiting Talent

January 2018 | Topic: Leveraging Digital Resources

December 2017 | Topic: Sales & Prospecting - Behaviors, Attitudes & Techniques

November 2017 | Topic: Impact Fox Cities

October 2017 | Topic: Change Management

September 2017 | Topic: Aging Parents & the Workplace

May 2017 | Topic: Policies for your Business

April 2017 | Topic: Identity Theft

March 2017 | Topic: Cybersecurity for Mobile Devices

February 2017 | Topic: Hang on to your New Hires

January 2017 | Topic: Exit Planning

December 2016 | Topic: Workplace Wellness

November 2016 | Topic: Providing Competitive Benefits Packages

October 2016 | Topic: DOL Wage Changes and the Effect on your Business

September 2016 | Topic: Organization Culture & Values