Jake’s Diapers Expands its National Reach

Also Launches Eastern Wisconsin Period Supplies Network

Published Monday, January 14, 2019
by Stephanie Bowers

The nonprofit Jake’s Diapers of Kaukauna, WI is expanding its national reach by adding distribution partners in seven states, including Wisconsin. “While we have worked domestically in the past, much of our distribution until now has been international, responding to dire poverty and disaster situations,” explained Jake’s Executive Director, Stephanie Bowers. “Now we’re working to build our domestic distribution network to ensure babies, children and adults in extreme poverty have access to diapers, so they don’t have to choose between using their limited resources for food, rent, medicine or diapers.”


The same approach is being used by Jake’s to supply period products to those in need. “Jake’s has established the Eastern Wisconsin Period Supplies Network because women in economically disadvantaged households often don’t have easy access to, or the money for, period products,” stated Bowers. “If they’re worried about it, or do not have the right products, it is not only a distraction but it is a hygiene issue that can keep them from attending school or work.” According to the National Alliance for Period Supplies, one in four women have struggled to purchase period products in the past year.  


Jakes relies on donated product from individuals and corporations, as well as monetary donations, to supply its partners with products free of charge. The partners are responsible for overseeing the distribution of the products to the clients they serve. 


New distribution partners in Wisconsin include:


New national distribution partners include:


“We are thrilled to be able to expand our services and help even more individuals and families in need,” added Bowers. “As people and corporations learn about what we’re doing, they have been stepping up to help in big ways. We are so thankful and grateful for their help.”


To learn more about Jake's Diapers and ways to support its mission, visit www.jakesdiapers.org.