Published Friday, November 16, 2018

Sheng Lee Riechers has taken ownership of local business Candeo Creative. Riechers was formerly vice president of the fully integrated marketing and advertising agency.

"I am excited for this awesome responsibility, and am confident in the team that I am investing in," Riechers said.


Candeo Creative began as a social media startup in 2012, led by former president/ CEO and owner Zackery Pawlosky. Pawlosky, a UW Oshkosh freshman at the time, presented social media seminars through the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce, and quickly grew his services over the next six years into a fully integrated, multi-million dollar and nationally awarded agency.


Candeo Creative was recently featured in a USA Today article that featured the millennial- owned agency's plans to continue to grow and expand within the Fox Valley region. To-date the agency has seen triple-digit, year-over-year revenue growth, and is adding three full-time roles before the end of the month.


"Building a community of marketers who believe in world-class and innovative solutions has been an incredibly rewarding journey," Pawlosky said. "It's my pleasure to hand over the reins to my long-time friend and counterpart, Sheng. Candeo Creative has fielded several buyout offers throughout the years, but Sheng is the only individual I can imagine leading Candeo Creative to new heights."


Riechers joined the startup only 6 months into its inception as the communications director, then transitioned into operations and most recently her role as vice president. Riechers plans to continue to work with Pawlosky in the upcoming year to ensure the agency continues steadfast on its mission and vision of serving clients with innovation and boosting the local economy with jobs in the creative and technology industries.


"Sheng and I will continue to work together as we build an economic ecosystem of businesses that will thrive right here in the Fox Valley," Pawlosky said. "As for my next venture, I will be focusing on two major initiatives: one that focuses on venture capitalism, supporting and encouraging local entrepreneurs and startups, and the other on software and technology development. More information will be released on these new ventures in the coming weeks."


Riechers believes that investing in the Fox Valley with ventures in innovation, technology and creative will help prevent the exodus of talent from this area to larger metropolises such as Chicago and the Twin Cities. Her initiatives will also seek to attract more talent and diversity to Northeast Wisconsin.


"It has been demonstrated that organizations that hire multicultural employees experience greater success," Riechers said. "I believe that I can extend this theory into our community. When you welcome diversity of thought, backgrounds, cultures and experiences, you stand to gain a better understanding of the world around you. Through understanding and recognizing commonalities, true productivity and progress will be had."


Candeo Creative has always been an advocate for diversity in the workplace and community. The agency has donated more than one million dollars in resources and services to local organizations that align with its vision and values. Candeo Creative is a member of the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce and sponsor of FitOshkosh's Color Brave Photography Project.


On December 14, Riechers will present to the UW Oshkosh EMBA panel her vision for developing and retaining creative and technology jobs in the Fox Valley. Her mission as the new president/ CEO of Candeo Creative will be to diversify the local workforce and economy, aiding in the transformation of Northeast Wisconsin as a desirable place for millennial individuals and families to live and work.  


Sheng Riechers' photo, Zack Pawlosky's photo and Candeo Creative's logo can all be found by clicking this link.