Independent Printing installs state-of-the-art digital press

FujiFilm J Press 720Sís quality often exceeds offset presses while offering added benefits

Published Friday, July 29, 2016

Independent Printing has a new press and it’s making a great first impression.


The FujiFilm J Press 720S is a sheet-fed digital inkjet press that offers a high-quality output alternative to offset printing, especially for short-run jobs that require fast turnaround.


“It’s a great option for businesses that are concerned about the visual portrayal of their brand image, but don’t need a lot of pieces printed, yet need them quickly,” said Bob Bodmer, sales manager at Independent.


According to Brian Tilot, Independent’s vice president of manufacturing, the J Press 720S is taking printing to a new level by combining the best of both offset and digital presses by offering excellent image quality, consistent quality on every printed sheet, variable data printing capabilities and faster turnarounds.


“The quality of the printed pieces from this press is outstanding. I’m really impressed!” said Tilot. “Its color accuracy often exceeds that of offset presses and because there is practically no make ready or color adjustments to make to the press, you get a consistent output from the first sheet to the last.”


As a result of that instantaneous quality output, Tilot says the J Press really excels at short-run printing.


“Because we’re able to be spot on with color and quality with the first sheet being printed, this press really opens the door for customers who don’t want huge quantities. Before they might have considered a short run on a traditional press cost prohibitive; however, with the J Press they’ll find shorter runs much more economical.”


Another advantage of digital presses is their ability to print variable data. The J Press 720S can print different text and images on each sheet, allowing for greater personalization, said Bodmer.


“With variable data printing our customers can truly personalize their messages to their audiences,” he said. “They can personalize a sales brochure with each recipient’s name or a photo of the exact make, model and color of the car they drive. Variable data printing enables smarter marketing. It gives marketers a highly effective way to talk with their customers one to one, yet they’re able to do it on a large scale.”


Tilot says the J Press offers all of these advantages while also delivering extremely fast turnaround. “We can now turn jobs the same day if we have to,” he said, pointing to a recent last-minute rush job that Independent was able to fulfill because of the J Press. “The job came in at 11 a.m. and was out the door by 2 p.m. the same day. Needless to say, the customer was very happy with that!”


“This press is the answer to what businesses are demanding regarding their printing,” said Bodmer. “Many of our customers want three things: shorter runs, more personalization and color accuracy. Shorter runs typically translate into less waste. More personalization means more effective marketing. Color accuracy is important to brand integrity. This is exactly what the J Press delivers.”


One additional benefit of the J Press 720S is that it does not require special paper stocks, which is atypical for many digital presses, and it runs sheet sizes up to 29.5-inch by 20.9-inch. Tilot says because the J Press uses an inline primer, it is able to run many of the same coated and uncoated stocks that Independent uses on its offset presses. Because Independent keeps many of these paper stocks on hand this enables faster turnarounds on jobs. These stocks are also compatible with Independent’s finishing machines, such as laminating and foil stamping.


In operation for just three months, both Tilot and Bodmer are excited with how rapidly the marketplace is embracing this technology. Independent is the only printing company in Wisconsin with the J Press 720S and was the sixth one in the nation to install it.



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