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Creating a supportive work environment for employees at all stages and ages of their lives is essential to a healthy and dynamic workplace. However, the path to a truly Employee Friendly Workplace requires time, collaboration and education. If you are striving to create and/or enhance Employee Friendly Workplace policies and practices, the information and materials on this page can help. Start reshaping your workplace and establishing your competitive advantage in the path to retaining and attracting talent.



The materials below may help employers assess current Employee Friendly Workplace policies and practices. Although we recognize  the government provides guidance, rules and regulations on numerous labor issues, some employers may find it beneficial to access specific information as it relates to Employee Friendly Workplace certification. If you have resources to add, please email info@foxcitiesregion.com  

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13 Employment Perks Businesses Aren't Offering, But Should Be
Many companies are struggling to attract the talent that could fuel their development, only because they aren't offering enough.

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Firms not meeting the needs of a growing flexible workforce
A new report claims that US based businesses are not addressing the needs of an increasingly “deskless workforce” which thinks flexible working is a right that should be valued more than other benefits.

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What causes us to burnout at work?
Stress – from the Latin “stringere”, to squeeze tight, touch or injure – is not bad, per se.

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Employers Try a New Perk: Matching Student Loan Payments With 401(k) Contributions
Many workers with student loans postpone saving for retirement. Now, a handful of companies are trying to prevent them from falling behind on retirement savings by matching their student-loan repayments with contributions to a 401(k) plan.

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Starbucks percolates its family-friendly benefits
As of Oct. 1, employees at coffee giant Starbucks now have access to a wider range of fertility benefits.

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Employers Boost Benefits to Win and Keep Top Talent
Employers are enhancing their employee benefits to recruit and retain highly qualified and high-potential employees in a competitive labor market—even as they balance those costs against the potential value to the organization.

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