Employee Friendly Workplace

Levels of Certification

Fox Cities employers awarded an Employee Friendly Workplace certification have demonstrated a significant commitment to promoting work/life integration as well as creating a positive work environment and experience for all employees.


Platinum certified employers set the bar for an Employee Friendly Workplace in the Fox Cities. They offer highly sought-after benefits, flexible policies and an environment that supports work/life integration and fosters an exceptional employee experience.

• Platinum level employers score 326-369 points on the application.


Gold certified employers go above and beyond, offering benefits and policies that promote work/life integration and strive to meet diverse needs of employees.

• Gold level employers score 275-325 points on the application.


Silver certified employers demonstrate a significant commitment to offering and expanding benefits and policies that support the work/life needs of employees.

• Silver level employers score 224-274 points on the application.


Bronze certified employers are recognized for their successful pursuit and commitment to offering Employee Friendly Workplace benefits and policies.

• Bronze level employers score 173-223 points on the application.


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